Toxins absorbed into the bloodstream through the gastro-intestinal tract get circulated throughout the body, manifesting under the skin or in the joint-spaces making rooms for disease. Their elimination and purification of the blood then becomes necessary. Thus this therapy is very good in case of all imbalance of blood and pitta disorders as stubborn skin diseases, tumours, gout, excessive drowsiness, alopecia, hallucinations and enlarged liver & spleen.

A sharp scalpel is usually used to make superficial, parallel or vertical incisions with extreme care after a soothing and antiseptic paste has been applied to the location. The amount of blood let out should not be more than 350 ml. At such times a needle should be used to puncture a vein. It is however not to be used for people suffering from general swelling of limbs, debility, severe anemia, piles, fever, thirst, alcoholism.

The real objective of Panchakarma is to eliminate the cause of disease, since in itself the absence of symptoms does not always indicate a complete cure. Symptoms can often be quickly eliminated. But cure usually takes more time. Since it is based on the individual constitution, it is obvious that in very chronic diseases there may be more sittings required to eliminate the toxins from the body.

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