Breast Care

Female Breasts and Sexual Attraction

The male obsession with female breasts is a fairly recent phenomenon from a historical viewpoint. In all types of ancient art medium, the female breast was usually exposed. Even in the Christian realm, paintings, sculptures, and drawings commonly and frequently depicted females with one or more uncovered breasts. The Sistine Chapel is adorned with female breasts and ancient artifacts depicting nudity seem to have far greater shock value in modern times than the artists would have believed possible in their time period. The first well-known written work on human sexuality that involved reference to breasts occurred during the 2nd century BC with the advent of the Karma Sutra. In Ancient Egypt, women accented their breasts with primitive cosmetics and exotic scents. However, body painting began much earlier with primitive man and female breasts received far less focus than facial features. In truth, there are no ancient social or cultural precedents to explain the current belief that female breasts are sexual magnets for males. Female breasts and sexuality did not become strongly connected until the repressive Victorian age when women were expected to cover more of their bodies. Strangely, during this same era, the female breast reached a zenith of sorts, as women’s clothing was deliberately and provocatively designed to emphasize, enlarge, and expose as much of the female breast as possible without showing the nipples. Thereafter in western societies, the female breast continued its onward march towards becoming a social icon and sexual projectile.

Looking Young and Firm “The Eternal Quest for Youth”

Finally, the entire media industry also plays a large role in shaping attitudes about our worth in society. The current trend is to emphasize the superiority of youth: looking young, feeling young, acting young, and being young. Of course, this is maddeningly frustrating to everyone over the age of thirty because everyone who lives long enough is eventually going to get old. The young may not have as much experience or money, but they have lots of energy and vitality; and most importantly, they look good. The older population may have more knowledge, more experience and even more money, but are still frequently ignored by policy makers and advertising media .

“Looking Sexy”

The medical profession benefits too, especially the various divisions of plastic surgery. Despite the risks and costs involved, over a million women a year have breast implants and the majority of those are elective. Furthermore, most of those involve implants to achieve larger breasts. Female breast shape and size peaks by the age of 18 and it is all downhill shortly thereafter.

Many women choose to do nothing about their breasts. Most women probably should not do anything drastic with their breasts. Large numbers of women who have breast surgery do not have excessively small breasts; they just want larger ones. For the majority of women who would simply like to enhance their breast size and youthful look, without totally restructuring the entire breast by placing foreign objects inside their body.

Breast Care

A buxom and full breast line is a symbol of feminine beauty. A female becomes aware of the beauty of her breasts as soon as she steps out of her adolescence and attains youth. Although shapely breasts are the gift of nature their maintenance is in your own hands. Timely care since early adolescence when a women is in her formative years can help in keeping the breast line attractive.

Actually, the essence of a beautiful and healthy bosom is firm healthy breasts. Do not neglect your breasts because regular care today can vastly improve the appearance of your breasts tomorrow. Examine them regularly for lumps and bumps, as this will enable you to detect any problems early and avoid complications later.

A girl gets rapid body changes between twelve and fourteen years of age when breasts start showing. Between fourteen to eighteen they develop fully. However some times growth is stunted due to hormonal imbalance congenital defects or deficiency of nourishing diet. Use of shapely and tight brassieres since developmental years are advisable to prevent sagging in later years.

Breasts are basically made up of cells, gland tissue, milk ducts, fibrous tissue and fat. There are no muscles in the breast tissue the breast would benefit greatly from a good posture and regular exercise. And reasonable support.


Actually your breast will eventually sag regardless of whether or not you have worn a bra in the past. This sagging is due to the slackening of the supporting muscles. Going braless can somewhat hasten this process where as a well fitting bra will at least delay it for a little while. Sagging is more pronounced if you have large heavy breasts. If you breasts are small you can probably get away even by not wearing a bra. Another good reason for wearing a bra is that provided it is well fitting it can effectively disguise the fact that breasts may have lost shape. Some wear a good supporting bra during vigorous exercises like running & jogging and also during pregnancy.

Bras should not be tight, it may be one of the causes of cancer eventually those with small breasts use heavy padded (with synthetic or nylon) without realizing that the thick synthetic or nylon padded, heat the glands and may eventually result in cancerous growth. It is essential to remove bras at night.


Breasts start sagging and loosing their tautness after delivery or during long illness. During pregnancy and also during the period of breast feeding the breasts become larger. Irregular menstruation is also a cause for the sagging of the breasts. As the over lying skin is stretched beyond a limit the elastic fibers in the skin tear. Red irregular marks then show up on the skin’s surface. These marks are worse the some women because the elasticity of the skin varies from person to person. In many women breasts do return to something close to their previous shape and size, but in some the breasts become more slack and pendulous after is an individual variation.

There are one or two things you can do to offset this tendency of sagging of your breasts during pregnancy; give your breasts maximum support with a good bra wearing it day and night and do find a few minutes everyday to exercise your breasts muscles and pep you up too.


Breasts contain no muscles but only fat cells, milk-ducts and glands held together in a web of soft connective tissue so by exercising you cannot increase your bust size. Neither wills exercising directly reduces a heavy bust. This is especially true if your breasts are heavy if however you are over weight. A weight reducing diet combined with regular exercises will help you to reduce your weight as well as you bust size. Exercising however has several other advantages as well; it tones up the muscles on which the breast tissue lies. So if your bust-line measures less than what you would like then exercises would give you backup chest line firmer and a more prominent thus making your bust appear larger. Similarly if a heavy bust is your problem you would lose some of the droop (which can spoil your shape) and gain a firmer contour though there would be no loss of inches. Apart from the exercises, which we have already, mentioned swimming is a superb exercise for bust shape. It exercises the breast muscles considerably against resistance of the water and this really can do wonders to your shape. When breasts start sagging and loosing at pregnancy or illness or irregular menstruation the women require a balanced diet. Inclusion of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, calcium, salts, and minerals in sufficient quantities is essential. Breast requires maximum attention after delivery. Since it is not advisable to do exercise one should start taking light ones like palm pressing. Kneel down and press your palms in ‘Namaskar’ (Indian greeting) pose in the center of chest so that the tissues around the breasts are under full pressure exhale slowly and release the pressure. Repeat exercise can done thus: spread both hands and place palms on a wall in front of you. Press your palms and you will feel pressure on your veins and tissues with the result that they will stretch. Likewise breast-feeding mothers also have take extra care. Breasts sag if the infant is suckled while sitting or reclining in a faulty posture. Sucking with sitting position will be with the child in lap and your hand under its head so as to lift it and keep its head steady. Press nipples immediately after suckling and remove the remaining milk with a couple of jerks. This gives lightness and freshness to the breasts. Bathe the breasts with hot and cold water simultaneously to ensure rapid blood circulation. Sprinkle hot water and then cold four of five times alternately.

An easy exercise for study breasts is as follows:

stand straight with arms dangling on your sides. Raise each arm above head and turn round alternately. Repeat ten to fifteen times. Some have under developed breasts while some have too large breasts. Many married women have a peculiar problem with one breast being smaller than the other. It is because of suckling the child more on one side than the other. Even some unmarried women develop this trouble. However this is not a matter of concern if you have smaller breasts massage them without nourishing oils & creams. You can also take some useful exercises. One of these is as follows: the arm on the side of small breast should be spread in front and then taken up. Move it round ten or fifteen times first clockwise then anti clockwise.

Some herbal supplements are very safe to make breasts larger.

In yoga therapy “Bhujangasana” & Pawanmuktasan is recommended as useful for a proper breast development. Lie down on stomach place palms on the ground in front of the body so that the muscles are stretched.

Breast Feeding

Breast normally inactive gland, which after a birth begins to function and produce milk (lactation). Sometimes perseverance is needed before breast-feeding is established, and a mother should try because breast milk is best to the infant. It contains valuable substances for warding off infection, which can not be replaced artificially. Where there is a family history of allergy (asthma & eczema) breast-feeding may protect the baby against later allergic illness. It should be continued for as long as possible, perhaps up to nine months, although of course other solids may be introduced at four to six months. Some times during lactation germs enter the breast which becomes painful and inflamed, and a breast abscess may develop. This is usually preceded by a sore, cracked nipple. Careful after washing with plain water may prevent this condition. But if it does not heal then it is better to treat with herbal medications, than allopathic medicines, because the side effects of modern medicine will affect the breast health. Some time it will affect the breast feeding child. Herbals are the best option to the treatment of breasts at any conditions, since they do not have any side or negative effects on your health. If an abscess does develop, hot poultices may be applied as an emergency, but urgent medical advice is required.

Ayurvedic Supplement :

Shriparni Oil
Lactone Granules



A collection of pus when germs enter the body there is a fight between them and the body’s defenses, and pus is usually formed. It contains dead germs, dead blood cells and fluid which has poured into the affected area. Most abscesses are near the surface, due to germs invading the skin and the body’s defenses, and pus is usually formed. Most abscesses are near the surface, due to germs invading the skin and are usually called boils or carbuncles. Sometimes abscesses form internally following various diseases, for instance in the lung after pneumonia. Ayurveda helps beauty conscious mothers to keep their breasts healthy, firm & in size. So breast-feeding mothers do not worry! Continue to feed their children.


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