Busy Women Need Advanced Skincare

As an urban Indian woman you have many roles- career, family, friends, community being some of them. While a busy and active life can be satisfying and rewarding, it often places a lot of demands on your body, specially your skin. So if you are one of those leading an active life, take special care of yourself, and your skin, so you feel alive and vibrant.

Quick Pointers :

  • Take enough rest
  • Avoid getting stressed
  • Maintain a healthy diet

Pamper yourself the natural way :

Here are some great inexpensive ways to pamper you. And turn your daily bath into an even more refreshing experience.

  • Add sea-salts to your bath to relieve sore muscles
  • Use a natural loofah to invigorate your skin
  • Every now and then, place chilled cucumber slices on your eyelids for ten minutes. This would reduce puffiness.

Relax, revitalize and feel refreshed

Aromatherapy for the special you

Aromatherapy oils use natural scents to create a mood that relaxes and refreshes. To revitalize your skin, add two drops of Geranium oil, two drops of Rosemary and one drop of Clary Sage to bathwater.

A Facial compress

Are you in a hurry? Try this quick facial. Dip your towel in warm water, add a few drops of Lavender and press it against your face and neck. (Avoid pressing the washcloth into your eyes.) Inhale the aroma and exhale the day’s stress.

Music Mood

Music sets a mood. Calming and meditative music is an integral part of the spa experience. New age and instrumental music can help you achieve a sense of well-being and relaxation.

Yoga, for your mind, body and spirit

Yoga, the exercise system of poses, postures and positions, could help you in many ways. Energizing your body, calming your mind, improving muscle tone and reducing stress and tension.

Ayurvedic Supplement :

Neem Guard
Face Pack 
Surakta Syrup

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