Common Name: Garudphal, Jangali badam, Tuvaraka, Turveraka, Kushtavairi

Botanical Name: Hydnocarpus laurifolia

Active Agents: Esters of unsaturated fatty acids of chaulmoogric acid (27%), hydnocarpic acid (48%) and glycerides of palmitic acids

Uses of Chalmogra

Leprosy: Chalmogra has been found to be a potent cure for leprosy.

Vaginal Infection and Gonorrhea: The decoction of the herb is used as a disinfectant in case of vaginal infections and discharges, especially those following childbirth.

Skin Disorders: An ointment made with equal parts of tuvrak oil, bakuchi oil, neem oil and lime water can be used to heal blisters, ulcers, rheumatic pain and scaly skin.

Ayurvedic Supplements

Chalmogra Taila