Common Name: Swertia Chirata, Kirata, Kirataka, Bhunimba, Kiratatiktaka, Chireta

Botanical Name: Gentiana chirayita

Active Agents: Phelic acid, amarogentin, chiratin, chiratogenin, enicoflavine, gentianine, swertianin and swerchirin, resins, gum, carbonates and phosphates of potash lime and magnesia ash

Uses of Chirayata

Fever: Boil the herb and filter it. Take this infusion twice after meal.

Digestive Aid: This herb can be taken for gastritis, heartburn and bloating. It also works as a laxative.

Intestinal Worms: Anti-parasitic properties of the herb effectively eradicate tapeworms and roundworms.

Liver Tonic: It has blood purifying properties and hepatoprotective activity which makes it great for the liver.

Weight Management: A decoction of chirayata can be taken for weight loss.

Ayurvedic Supplements

Chirayata Churna

Mahasudarshan Churna

Mahasudarshan Kadha

Mahasudarshan Ghanvati


Chandraprabha Bati