Common Name: China root, Chinese smilax, Topchini, Madhusnuhi

Botanical Name: Smilax chinensis

Active Agents: Tannin, cinchonin, smilacin, saponin, rutin and glycoside

Uses of Chobchini

Leucorrhea: Mix 2 gm of chobchini powder with milk and drink regularly to control white discharge.

Asthma or Respiratory Disorders: Boil 10 gms of chobchini powder in 80 ml of water. When it reduces to 30 ml, remove from heat. Cool and strain. Take 25-75 ml of this decoction twice daily to breathe better.

Arthritis: Boil 6-9 gms of chobchini in milk along with 3-6 gms of mastagi, cinnamon and cardamom. Drink twice daily for pain-free joints.

Syphilis: Take 3-6 gms of chobchini powder with honey daily for relief.

Ayurvedic Supplements

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