Common Name: White Thorn Apple, Datura, Shivashekhera, Jamestown Weed and Devil‰Ûªs Apple

Botanical Name: Datura stramonium

Active Agents: Scopalamine, daturadiol, hyoscyamine, fastudine, allantoin, niacin, vitamin c, atropine, noratropine, meteolodine, hyosine, fastusic acid, etc.

*Datura contains the the alkaloid Hyoscine which if consumed in large doses is a POISON that can cause delirium and even coma. Do not take this plant without consulting an Ayurvedic doctor.

Uses of Datura

Asthma: The smoke from the burning leaves are useful in this condition.

Fever (Malaria): The Datura fruit is an excellent remedy for phlegmatic and bilious types of malarial fever.

Impotency: The seeds of the fruits are extracted and boiled in cow‰Ûªs milk for sexual vitality.

Baldness and Lice: Mix datura seeds, saffron and licorice heated in coconut oil till it becomes a charred powder. Mix the powder with milk cream and apply on to bald patches. Datura leaves are used for lice.

Mental Health: This herb can be taken to calm conditions like schizophrenia, hallucinations, etc.

Ayurvedic Supplements


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