Diarrhoea, or loose and frequent evacuation of the bowels, is a serious condition. It can be broadly categorised into two types: ordinary diarrhoea and infantile diarrhoea.

Root causes and Symptoms:

Ordinary Diarrhoea:

Diarrhoea may occur due to the incapacity of the bowels to cope with fatty foods; ingestion of poisonous substances; certain harmful bacteria, as in cholera or typhoid fever;improper diet; ulceration of the intestines as in tuberculosis or some diseases of the liver, kidneys, lungs, or the heart. Diarrhoea may also  be caused by sudden fright or shock due to the death of a beloved one, or worrying too much.Other Causes of diarrhoea inclued change of climate, as with mountaineers when they reach hights; change of season, as in Spring or Autumn; and change of diet to which a person is habituated.

Home Remedies:

In diarrhoea of ordinary intensity, preparations made of the various parts of the babul tree are useful. A mixture of equal parts of the tender leaves of the tree with white zeera and black zeera should be administered in doses of 12 gm each, thrice daily. An infusion made of the bark of the tree, comprising about a couple of ounces boiled in a pint of water, should be given thrice daily. Another useful remedy is to soak 3 gms of catechu, and 4 gm cinnamon for two hours in half a pint of boiling water, and to give the decoction in 10 ml doses, thrice a day.

Infantile Diarrhoea:

Infantile diarrhoea falls into a separate category. Contaminated milk or infection in the alimentary canal may cause diarrhoea in infants, and if an infant is breast feed, some of the digestive disorders of the mother may be transmitted to the child. Infantile diarrhoea may be accompanied by vomiting or gripping pain in the stomach. It is a common disorder at the time of teething.The child refuses milk, is giving to crying, and cannot sleep.Care should be taken in such a condition as continued diarrhoea may lead to dehydration. In some cases, infantile diarrhoea starts because the clild may be feeding the milk of a women who is pregnant.

Healing Options

Ayurvedic Supplements
               Kutajghan Bati


               Isabbael (H)

  • A liquid or semi-liquid diet should be taken, soups of various vagetable being indicated.
    Fluid loss should be compensated by intake of oral fluids.
  • The diet of the Infantile diarrhoea should consist of milk with less fat. Cow’s milk or goat’s milk should be given. In case of non-availability of cow’s or goat’s milk, any milk that is available should be diluted with water.