Become the Dream Bride

Marriage is the fusion of two souls. But it calls for intensive planning and extensive organising ability to bring the souls together to fuse. Prudence lies in trackling one thing at a time at the planning stage. The foremost aspect you need to deal with is beauty and personal grooming. Being the centre of attraction of all onlookers, a bride needs to look her very best on the day. Follow our beauty guideline to help you gear up for the occasion.

3-4 Months before

  • Get serious about skin care. Start a good cleaning, nutrition and stress-relief regimen.

  • To be in the best shape ever, splurge a little and join a gym. Get a personal trainer and get to work! If you just can’t afford to join a gym, get out and start walking.

  • Try practicing yoga. The postures build strength and are great tension-relievers as well. You’ll look great, feel better and be less stressed out.

1-2 Months before
  • Schedule a regular series of skin treatment and facials from your beautician leading up to your wedding day.

  • Do start regular home treatments. The homemade mixture of turmeric, milk cream and gram flour makes your skin glow.

  • Make a solution of equal parts of glycerine, lime juice and rose water and refrigerate. Apply it all over your face and body after a bath.

Start conditioning your hair with deep conditioning treatments every alternate day.
Get on a detox diet. Switch on to raw veggies and fruits.
Start drinking at least eight glasses of water each day. Water flushes toxins out of your system you can look forward to clearer skin and better health. In addition, water helps you feel full, so you may be inclined to eat less! You lose weight and your systems stays clean.

Place a raw potato slice on your face as often as you can. Potato is a natural bleach and exfoliator too.
Regular manicures/pedicures help to keep your hands and finger-nails in good condition. Hand exfoliation treatments leave the skin smooth and beautiful.

Two Weeks before

Eat right (load up on fruits and veggies for energy, and avoid salt and fat) Drink lots of water and keep up the exercise. Get your final haircut or trim. No experimenting here, just maintain your look.

One week before
  • Skin looks its best two days after a facial, so schedule the biggest skin treatment facial at least two days before your D-day.

One day and counting