Common Name: Erand, Palma Christi, Gandharva-Hasta, Panchangul, Vatari

Botanical Name: Ricinus communis Linn

Active Agents: Fixed oil containing glycerides ricinoleic, isoricinoleic, stearic and linoleic acids

*Castor seeds contain the powerful poison ricin.

Uses of Castor

Immunity: Take a teaspoon of castor oil every morning to boost white blood cells which can fight off diseases.

Corns and Cysts: Apply a paste of castor oil with a little baking soda to external applications. Castor oil can also be taken internally to heal ovarian cysts as it is rich in fatty acids.

Joint Pain: Castor oil can be used as a massage oil for joint pain. Lightly warm the oil before application.

Skin Problems: Castor oil can be used as spot treatment for cystic acne.

Constipation: The oil when taken internally helps in the release of ricinoleic acid, which is present in the intestine. This acts as a natural laxative.

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