Exercise for Height


Increase your energy expenditure. Exercise improves elimination of toxins, blood circulation, and oxygen intake (uptake)-all of which are believed to be beneficial in warding off cancer. (Also, exercise, along with caloric restriction, is the fastest and best way to lose weight.)


Avoid stress. Stress alone can often bring on disease. Exercise reduces stress through the production of “endorphins,” natural opiate-like substances, in the brain, but both exercise and stress “burn up” the B-vitamins, so be sure to increase your intake of the B-complex vitamins.


  • OUTDOOR EXERCISE As mentioned above, exercise increases oxygen levels in the body, but does this more effectively if you exercise outdoors.
  • REST
  • Sleep in a well-aerated room for maximum oxygen intake (uptake) during your body’s rest and repair period. (Although rarely possible for most people, sleeping outdoors in a secure, enclosed porch, room, cabaña, or tent would be even better.) Studies show that cancerous cells don’t grow, or their growth slows, if they are bathed in high levels of oxygen.
  • Avoid as much pollution as possible, including pollution found in the home, office, or elsewhere (from carcinogenic chemicals used in the workplace or from harmful chemicals out gassing from plastic or press board furniture, building materials, copying or blueprint machines, paint, smokers, and so on). The liberal use of houseplants inside your home and office will help to clear the air of toxins.
  • SMOKING It should go without saying that smoking is one of the biggest causes of cancer, responsible for about 33% of all cancers. So we’re not going to even talk about this, except to say this: If you smoke, try to quit or cut back, and be sure to increase your intake of beta-carotene, which may help prevent lung cancer.


  • NATURAL LIGHTIncrease your exposure to natural light (but don’t overdo it, especially if you are light-skinned). Cancerous cells don’t grow, or their growth slows, when they are exposed to light. Also, our eyes contain receptors which stimulate the production of certain hormones-including our sex hormones-but only if these receptors are exposed to natural light, which is usually much more intense and has a different spectral characteristic than artificial lighting. As previously mentioned, altered hormone levels in the body could be responsible for some forms of cancer. Avoid long exposure to undiffused fluorescent light, which may possibly cause skin cancer. Spend more time outdoors. On hot, sunny days, stay more in the shade to avoid sunstroke, sunburn and possible skin cancer later.
  • APPETITE SUPPRESSION Exposure to natural light has been found to suppress appetite and weight gain.

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