Hastapadasana is also known as standing forward bend posture. Standing forward bend posture is very easy yoga pose and also one of the most effective yoga pose:

How to do standing forward bend yoga posture or Hastapadasana:

1. Stand straight.
2. Bring your arms overhead while inhaling.
3. Now while exhaling bend forward and down towards the feet.
4. Try to touch your feet or on the floor or on the legs by your fingers.
5. Keep the position for 20-30 seconds.
6. Now while inhaling slowly come in the standing position with your arms overhead.
7. Now while exhaling bring your hands down.

Benefits of standing forward bend pose or Hastapadasana:

1. This yoga gives strength to the muscles of your back.
2. This yoga is good for nervous system.
3. This yoga is good for hair loss.
4. This yoga helps in weight loss and to get slim waist.