High Cholesterol


It is an inflammatory condition of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles which primarily targets teenagers.

Coronary heart Diseases are the prime disease due to high blood cholesterol, Cholesterol is the essential for human body but some types of cholesterol has very bad effect on human body and leads to heart attack and death. Arteriosclerosis is one of the diseases due to bad type of cholesterol i.e.LDL

It is a yellowish substance, which is mainly found in the liver and also from foods, which we consume, day-to-day.

Cholesterol always found along with certain lipids (Fat)

There are two main types of lipoproteins

a) low density lipoprotein cholesterol and
b) high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. LDL is also known, as bad type of cholesterol and HDL is good for human body.

Root Causes

  •   Obesity
  •  Hypothyroidism
  •  Diabetes
  •  Heredity
  •  Addiction to drugs or alcohol
  •  Stress and anxiety


  •   Chest pain
  •   Angina
  •   Feeling heaviness in chest
  •   Heart attack
  •   Sudden sweating and feeling uncomfortable
  •   Breath lessness

 Healing Options

Ayurvedic Supplements

              Guggulu Capsule

  • Avoid excess meat, egg, organic meat, sugar, tea or coffee, condiments, pickles, soft drinks, candies, ice cream, refined and processed foods.
  • Have  Fresh vegetables, salads, lots of lemon juice, coriander soup, mint juice & water.
  • Go for a fat-less diet with plenty of green salads and fruits.
Lifestyle Avoid sedentary habits, Do some exercise daily. Walk daily 3 km.
  • Lion (Sinhasan)
  • Basic Breathing(Pranayam)
  • The locust(Salabha asana)