Influence of energy on health

Energy can be conductive to health and happiness or even damaging. The influence of negative energies is responsible for stress anxiety and depression.

Each one of us is virtually swimming in a sea of energy waves of varying frequencies. There are gross and dense energies and subtle and fine energies. Energy can be conductive to health and happiness or even damaging and injurious. If we could see energy like a clairvoyant can, we would be surprised to see the veritable battleground in the field in and around us waves entering and leaving the energy field, each leaving an impact, however faint on the life of the individual and the behavior of natural forces. The contaminating influence of negative vibrations is responsible for

Effects on an individual:

  1. A feeling if stress, free floating anxiety or vague depression.
  2. Illness of any kind (physical, mental) is felt first in the energy field before going to the cellular level and manifesting as physical ailment with full-blown symptoms. If we could learn to spot it at that level the disease may well be prevented.
  3. Accidents are also caused by disharmony and imbalance of energies.
  4. Obstacles to progress and happiness: Energies attract energies of similar charges and frequencies. Misfortune does not choose us rather we attract misfortune.
  5. When energy waves of a particular kind are generated from within, or are allowed to invade from outside, the repetition strengthens the pattern in the psyche and produces a habit. Habits become reflexive and thus, driven by our habits we create our destiny.

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