Common Name: Spikenard, Musk root, Nardus root, Balchadi

Botanical Name: Nardostachys jatamansi

Active Agents: Jatamansone or valeranone is the principal sesquiterpene. The other sesquiterpenes includes Alpha patcho-ulense, angelicin, beta-eudesemo, beta-atchoulense, beta-sitosterol, calarene, elemol, jatamansin, jatamansinol, jatamansone, n-hexaco- sanyl, n-hexacosane, Oroselol, patchouli alcohol, valeranal, valeranone, nardostachnol, seychellene, seychelane, nardostachone, jatamansic acid, jatamansone semicarbazone, lupelol, Malliene, Calarenol, terpenic, coumarin-jatamansin, propionate, cyclohexanal ester, heptacosanyl pentanoate are isolated from rhizomes, diethaniod bicyclic-ketone-nardostachone, actidine and Nardal

Uses of Jatamansi

Hyperpigmentation: Mix jatamansi powder with neem oil and apply this paste on afflicted areas of skin.

Hair Growth and Premature Graying: Jatamansi oil is very beneficial for these purposes. One way to make the oil is to steep the root in coconut oil for 45 days and use the infused oil after straining.

Hypertension and Memory Loss: Jatamansi has a calming effect that can reduce blood pressure. Similarly, it can also calm the mind. Take a pinch of the root powder in a cup of warm water twice a day.

Cough: Take spikenard and jaggery in 2:5 ratio and consume a teaspoon every day.

Fatigue, Insomnia and Migraine: Mix 1ml of jatamansi oil in 3 ml of sesame oil. Use as a massage oil for relaxation.

Menopausal Symptoms: Take 3 mg of the dried root powder daily with warm water to ease menopausal depression, etc.

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