Common Name: Bhuinimba, Kirata, Andrographis, King of Bitters

Botanical Name: Andrographis paniculata

Active Agents: Diterpene lactones viz., neoandrographolide and androraphiside and flavonols viz., oroxylin, wogonin, andrographidines A, B, C, D, E and F

Uses of Kalmegh

Fever and Sore Throat: Consume a hot infusion (40-60 ml) of this herb mixed with coriander leaves to alleviate fever immediately.

Dengue: Take 1 papaya leaf, 10 kalmegh leaves, 5 peppercorns and 1 tbsp of palm candy powder. Crush this mixture to thoroughly mix and boil in two cups of water till it reduces to half a cup. Drink the decoction for 3 days in an empty stomach, for children reduce it by half.

Skin Issues: Soak 3 gm kalmegh powder and 2 gm amla powder in a cup of water overnight. Filter and drink in the morning for healthy skin.

Liver Disorders and Constipation: To cure liver ailments and a constipated tummy, add 1 gm kalmegh powder, 1 gm amla powder and 2 gm mulethi in 200 ml water. Boil and reduce the water to 50 ml. Strain and drink the decoction daily.

Ayurvedic Supplements

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