Your Dosha is KAPHA

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Slow, steady, heavy, oily, and cold

Physical characteristics:

Kapha is an amalgamation of the stable energies of Water and Earth. If you are a Kapha type, you are likely to have a broad build and excellent stamina. Thick hair, eyes and radiant skin are common Kapha characteristics.

This doshic type when aggravated can cause you to become overweight, sleep excessively, suffer from asthma, diabetes and depression. Kapha makes up the dense structural components of the body such as the bones, muscles, and adipose tissue. It is also part of the mucous membranes and bone marrow.

It keeps the system hydrated and nourished, and maintains immunity. In balance, the stability of Kapha promotes even temper, compassion, calmness and forgiveness. Kapha people are blessed with great stamina, but they need motivation to get moving. Out of balance, it can cause slow digestion and metabolism, leading to weight gain and congestive disorders. The mental/emotional symptoms of Kapha include excessive attachment to people or things, greed, possessiveness and a sense of being stuck in life

Emotional characteristics:

People with Kapha predominant are calm, thoughtful, caring and loving. You love to live life to the fullest and like to settle into a routine. When in balance, you are patient, steady and supportive. When out of balance, you tend to hang on to events, things and people much after they have stopped being necessary or nurturing. Excessive Kapha can manifest as inability to accept change and stubborn behavior. You give up too easily and will typically not want to deal with unpleasant things.

Keep in balance:

Kapha should never be still and needs to be moving all the time. Include regular exercise into your day. Seek activities, dietary patterns and environment that is warming and energizing. Try to learn new things everyday and keep yourself open to new experiences.


Caring ~ Centeredness ~ Compassion ~ Contentment ~ Faith ~ Fulfillment ~ Groundedness ~ Patience ~ Sense of being nourished ~ Stability ~ Support ~ Tenderness
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