Common Name: Karpoor

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum camphora

Active Agents: Cineol, pinene, terpineol, menthol and thymol

Uses of Camphor

Revitalize Skin: Mix camphor powder with garden mint and apply.

Cold and Congestion: Take mustard or coconut oil and heat it along with a little camphor. When it is warm, rub it on the chest and back to get instant relief from chest congestion.

Dandruff: Mix it with coconut oil and apply.

Cramps and Muscle Pain: Heat mustard oil or coconut oil with camphor till it melts completely. Once lukewarm, it is can be massaged on the region to get relief from cramps.

Fungal Infection: Camphor can cure fungal infections which affect toe nails and skin. Add camphor to water and apply it to the infected region.

Scorpion Bite: Mix with vinegar and apply to the affected region.

Headache: Mix camphor and white sandalwood into a paste and apply on forehead to get relief.

Ayurvedic Supplements

Karpoor Ras

Saptagun Tail

Lal Dant Manjan

Himanikalyan Tail

Karpuradi Bati