Common Name: Costus, Kustha, Pachak

Botanical Name: Saussurea lappa

Active Agents: Aplotaxene, costus acid, costol, costus-lactone

Uses of Costus (Kuth)

Skin Ailments: apply the juice of costus leaves on skin to clear away eczema and itches.

Varicose Veins: Mix costus root powder with vegetable oil and rub the paste over affected areas especially helpful for nerve weakness and blood circulation.

Irregular and Painful Menses: Take costus root powder (1-2 grams), with water/honey for 15 days prior to expected menstruation twice a day.

Cold, Fever and Low Immunity: Take costus powder in dosage of 1/2 grams with honey for a few days.

Low Blood Pressure: Take costus root powder (1 gram), twice a day with milk.

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