Common Name: Matsyashakla, Katvi, Hellebore

Botanical Name: Picrorrhiza kurrora

Active Agents: D-Mannitol, Kutkiol, Kutkisterol,Apocyanin: phenol glucosides; androsim and picein iridoid glycosides; Kutkin, picroside I, ii & iii; Kutkoside, Minecoside, Picrorhizin,arvenin iii

Uses of Kutki

Cirrhosis of Liver, Jaundice and Fatty Liver: It’s the drug of choice for cirrhosis of the liver. A teaspoon of the powdered root, mixed with an equal amount of honey is administered daily to keep he liver functioning to full capacity.

Indigestion: Very useful in dyspepsia. It strengthens the stomach and promotes digestion, while improving appetite and stimulating the secretion of gastric juice. Take 1-3 gms with triphala churna in warm water.

Ascites: It’s beneficial in the treatment of ascites, a disease characterized by the accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity of the abdomen. About 50 gms of the herb is boiled in 200 ml of water till 3/4 of the water has evaporated to make a potent decoction.

Asthma: This highly valued herb is used in many Ayurvedic preparations to treat asthma by helping in reducing allergen-induced bronchial obstructions. Kutki works on preventing asthmatic attacks by inhibiting the release of histamine in the lungs. Take 1-3 gms with warm water.

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