Laughter is a Spiritual Tonic and Has Great Cleansing Power

Laughter is a tonic – physical, mental, spiritual. It is a dry cleaner, which cleanses you from inside. It gives a new tone to your life. The day on which you have not laughed is a lost day, indeed.

Victor Hugo said “Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.” George Santayana said, “The young man who has not shed tears is a savage, and the old man who has not laughed is a fool.” I would suggest, “The young man who has not shed tears needs to move in the company of the lovers of God, and the old man who has not laughed needs the company of the little ones.”

Laughter is a medicine. It helps in building up moral muscles. It is a spiritual tonic and has a great cleansing power. When feel sad or downcast, look at your face in a mirror. It looks so tense, so ugly, so unlike the face you would wish others to see. The strain in the face is due to some negative emotion, which is playing havoc in the mind. One way of breaking the force of the negative emotion is to relax. Relax the whole body. As you do so, you will find that the part of the body to relax last is always the face: and of the face, the mouth is the last part to relax. So smile, and laugh! You will see how quickly the clouds vanish and you are happy again!

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