This is catarrhal discharge from the mucus membrane of the female genital tract. It is commonly known as WHITE DISCHARGE .It may be due to any specific pathology or due to poor health & unhygienic condition of the female genital organ. This discharge may be vary from white to radish or thick and viscid with or without foul smells due type of infections persists. In normal cases it may be appear just before or after menstrual bleeding.

In Ayurveda, this is Known as SWET PRADAR believed to be caused by the aggravation or vitiation of Kapha dosha.


  • Irritable.

  • Digestive disturbances.

  • Black circular patch around eyes.

  • Itching in genital path.

  • Spots on undergarments.

  • Foul smells.

Root Causes

  • Awake late at night

  • Metabolic & Hormonal disturbances.

  • Weakness, Emaciated & Anemic.

  • Fungal infections.

  • Chronic Amoebiasis.

  • Chronic Constipation

  • Poor hygienic condition

Healing Options


Ayurvedic Supplements

               Lukonil Tablet             
               Pushyanug Churna        


Fried and spicy food should not be given to the patient. The patient should not be permitted to keep her stomach empty for a long time. She should not take heavy, indigestible food articles. Sour things especially pickles and curd are prohibited. Intake of supari after taking food is very useful both for prevention and cure of this disease.


The patient should be free from worries and should not keep herself awake late in the night. Sexual intercourse during the attack of this disease is prohibited. A brisk walk in the early morning helps in the early cure . Sanitary and hygienic measures should be followed carefully.


  • Backwardbend

  • Forwardbend

  • Knee to chest

  • Bow