Loss of Memory

Memory consists of remembering what has previously been learned. For example, when some on e remembers a person’s name , for example, he demonstrates both that he learned the name at some previous time and he had retained it during the intervening time when he might never have once thought of it. Retention is inactive, remembering is active and both are included under the general head of memory.

Ayurveda considers both body and mind to be closely inter linked. According to ayurveda no phenomenon is exclusively physical or mental. The body or mind might predominate in one case and might work as a secondary factor in another case. Thus for good memory as also for the treatment of loss of memory, both psychic and physical factors are held to be effective.


When the power of learning and remembering is impaired to correct it, a  drug called brahmi is popularly used. It is of two types one variety is called matsyakshi and the other variety is called mandukparni. Both these herbs are equally useful in improving memory.

They grow in marshy land near perennial streams. The juice of these plants is used in medicine. About 30ml.of juice is given to the patient twice daily on an empty stomach. Both of these are bitter and astringent. It is therefore administered with some honey to make it palatable. The fat is well known for its tonic effect on both the heart and the brain. Therefore, medicated ghee is prepared by boiling brahmi, along with some other drugs, in pure cow’s ghee. This preparation is called Brahmighrita. One teaspoonful of this ghee is added to a cup of warm milk, mixed with sugar and taken after stirring well till it melts and gets well mixed with the milk. This preparation is found to be more useful when the patient suffering from loss of memory is emaciated.

The other drug used by Ayurvedic physicians in the treatment of this condition is called “vacha”. The herbs also grows in marshy land. The rhizome or root of these plant  is used in medicine .It is cleaned properly and then made to a fine powder by grinding. One teaspoonful of this powder should be given to the patient twice daily, mixed with honey or cow’s ghee. Many Ayurvedic preaparations for the promotin of memory like sarasvata churna, contains brahmi and vacha.

Healing option

Ayurvedic Supplements
               Memorax Tablet  

               Brahmi Bati

               Shankhapuspi Syrup

  • Food ingredients which are sweet and unctuous are useful in this condition. Cow’s milk, cow’s ghee and other preparations of cow’s milk are advisable. Pungent and spicy food articles and things having bitter and astringent taste should be avoided. Almond and almond oil are useful in promoting memory. Amlaki can be given to the patient in the form of pickles and vegetables.
  • Yogamudra
  • Meditation
  • Basic Breathing (Pranayama)


All the medicines mentioned above act very well when there is mental peace. Therefore all care should be taken to keep the patient free from worries, anxieties, emotional stress and strain. The patient should be advised to follow religious practices and religious prayers. Meditation for some time according to the method prescribed in yoga serves a very useful purpose in promoting and correcting memory.