Magnet Therapy

  • A newly formed system of medicine that is gaining popularity and recognition all over, it is based on the principle that the earth is one big magnet and that all our bodies are surrounded by magnetic waves emanating from the earth and other spatial bodies including the sun and moon. This natural magnetism influences and supports all forms of life.

  • Disease is therefore caused by the imbalance between the various electro-magnetic forces present within our bodies.

  • Thus strategic placement of magnets on specific parts of the body can cure chronic ailments that standard medicine might find difficult to control.

  • Legend has it that Cleopatra always wore a small magnet on her forehead to maintain her youth and beauty. And that men in love kept magnets with them to keep their beloved attracted

Some of the basic principles of this therapy are:

  • Use of mutually opposite properties of the North and South Poles.

  • The use of two methods – Unipolar and Bipolar. The use of only one pole on a diseased organ gives desired results but only if diagnosis and selection of pole is correctly made.

  • During the course of treatment, the patient is made to sit or lie down on an insulating wooden chair or bed for best results.

  • While shape or size of the magnet does not matter, for sensitive organs as eyes, brain and heart, weak magnets are used for very short periods of time. For chronic ailments, strong magnets need to be employed.

  • Never given on a full stomach, pregnant women should opt out of it and all metallic objects that absorb magnetic waves should be taken off before.

  • In the treatment of skin diseases, a cloth should be used between the magnet and the skin.

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