Common Name: Mahula, Madhuka

Botanical Name: Madhuca indica

Active Agents: Ethylcinnamate, sesquiterene alcohol, a-terpeneol, tannins, saponins and steroids, β-amyrin, β -amyrin acetate, β -amyrin cinamate, β -amyrin decanate, betullic acid, ursolic acid, stigmasterol,- β carotene, quercetin

Uses of Mahua

Improving Lactation: The tea of mahua flowers are very beneficial for nursing mothers.

Eczema and Skin Ailments: The leaves can be coated with sesame oil and heated. Then they are applied on affected area to help with eczema. Similarly, mahua oil is often used in natural skin care products.

Energy Tonic: The flowers are very high in sugar. The dried blossoms can be ingested with ghee and honey as a general tonic.

Spongy and Bleeding Gums: Mix 5 ml of the bark extract with 300 ml of water to use as a mouthwash.

Bronchitis: Mahua flowers can relieve chronic bronchitis and cough. Take in doses of 30 gms with 250 ml of milk.