The Fish (Matsya Asana)



Effective for Malabsorption, Colitis, Sinus Congestion, Asthma, Sore throat, Diabetes, Bronchitis, Jaundice.

Description of asana

  1. Lie down on your back with your legs straight and your feet together. Place your hands, palms down, underneath your thighs.
  2. Pressing down on your elbows, inhale and arch your back, resting the very top of your head on the side, and your elbows should be on floor.
  3. Exhale. Breathe deeply while in the position, keeping legs and lower torso relaxed.
  4. To come out of you back. the pose, first lift your head and place it gently back down, than release the arms.

Note: In the fish pose, your hands should rest palms down, side by side, and your elbows should be as close together as possible under your back.


If the fish makes you feel giddy or nauseas, stop immediately and do not attempt it again without consulting a physician.