Miscarriage & Abortion

It is a term applied for expultion of foetus before its schedule period. This occurs mainly first trimester of pregnancy or more particularly during the 3rd month. It may be happened any other stage of pregnancy. It occurs in two ways – threaten and habitual. In many females there is a tendency to abort habitually even when causes do or do not exists. Where as other females it can not be brought about even if sound causative exists.


  • Pain in small of the back.

  • Pallor of face, dull eyes, livid and blotted eye lids.

  • Weight on the pubis anus and vulva, flabby breast.

  • Bloody and ichorous discharge from the vagina.

  • Increase spells of uterine pains.

  • Progressive dilation of uterine membrane and orifice.

Root Causes

  • Insufficient expansion and lack of flexibility of uterus.

  • By any accident and is preceded by weight and pain in small of the back.

  • Outer growth (cyst, tumours and carcinoma) of the uterus etc.

  • Sexually transmitted diseases or over indulgence in sex.

  • Violent immotions, shock, dancing, jumping and injury.

Healing Options


  • Aparajita

  • Shatawer

  • Bidarikand

  • Barahikand

(These all prevent abortion)

  • Durba ras

  • Keshar

  • Hirabol

  • Vasak, Haldi and Fitkari

(These all prevent excess bleeding)

Ayurvedic Suppliments

              Lauh Bhasma  
              Garbhpal Ras    
              Phalkalyan Ghrita


  • Take bed rest as much as possible.