Common Name: Nutgrass, Coco Grass, Java Grass, Motha, Musta

Botanical Name: Cyperus rotundus Linn.

Active Agents: alpha-cyperone, beta-selinene, cyperene, cyperotundone, patchoulenone, sugeonol, kobusone, isokobusone, terpenes, such as pinene (a monoterpene), and several derivatives of the sesquiterpenes, such as cyperol, isocyperol and cyperone

Uses of Nagarmotha

Diarrhea: A decoction of the nagarmotha roots can be taken with honey or the roots are boiled in milk for diarrhea with mucus and pain.

Skin Ailments and Breast Size: The paste is used topically to relieve itches and rashes as well as for increasing breast size. It also purifies breast milk.

Fever: Apply nagarmotha paste to the body to induce sweating and cool down the body.

Menstrual Problems: A decoction of this root consumed regularly to normalize menstrual problems.

Conjunctivitis: Instill an extract of the roots into the eyes to cure pink eye.

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