Common Name: Cobra’s Saffron, Ceylon Ironwood, Indian Rose Chestnut, Iron Wood Tree, Nagchampa

Botanical Name: Mesua ferrea Linn.

Active Agents: mensuol, silosterol, fatty acids, cyclohaxodine, mesuanic acid, alpha- and beta- amyrin

Uses of Nagkesar

Bleeding Piles: Take 1 gm of the flowers’ paste mixed with honey twice daily.

Cold and Cough: The leaves are gently heated and applied as a poultice to the chest region.

Excessive Bleeding in Women and Menstrual Pain: Nagkesar powder is mixed with fenugreek seeds, Vijaysar seeds and bay leaves. This is given twice daily with rice water or cow’s milk for five days.

Rheumatism: Apply the seed oil on affected joints.

Leucorrhea: Take 1 gm twice daily.

Epitaxis: Take 1 gm twice daily.

Recurrent Abortion: From the second month, take 1 gm of nagkesar, vanslochan and rock candy each till full-term or as required.

Ayurvedic Supplements


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