Nature cure

Nature is not a blind force. She is not inert. She is an intelligent principle and full purity.

She is the power of God, so she is omnipotent and omniscient. Shakta (the processor of power) and shakti (power) are inseparable.

The chief aim of Nature cure is to prevent disease and to maintain radiant health. Nature vehemently attacks the administration of drugs for the relief of symptoms without removing the cause. Nature cure is really a philosophy and a way of looking at life, health and disease. Nature cure teaches us how to protect our body from the attack of diseases and how to get rid of them. It also teaches the principles on which the body is built – the principles of scientific dieting and right living, the principles of power, and the means by which we can maintain a high standard of health, vigour, vitality and efficiency to a ripe old age.

Fundamental principles of Nature cure

Nature rebuilds and repairs the body. It also cleanses the system. All forms of disease are due to the same cause, namely accumulation in the system of toxins or poisonous waste matter on account of wrong living such as improper food, overeating, lack of exercise and fresh air, lack of rest and sleep, lack of proper care of the skin, etc. If this accumulated poisonous matter which clogs the system is eliminated through proper method such as fasting, enema, baths and cleansing foods, diseases can be cured and good , radiant health can be ensured. This is the first and most important principle of Nature cure.

During the process of metabolism, constructive and destructive changes, oxidation, etc. are going on in the system. Waste products are always being formed. In a healthy person these are at once eliminated through the kidneys, lungs, skin and bowels. If they continue to accumulate, owing to inefficient action of the eliminative or excretory organs, slow poisoning takes place and diseases result.

Nature tries to get rid of all the impurities and germs from the system which are dangerous to life and health. She repairs all injuries. She herself heals all diseases. God has endowed her with marvelous healing power. Every acute disease is the result of a purifying effort by nature. There is unity of disease and treatment. The symptoms of disease are actually symptoms of healing. Diarrhoea is Nature’s effort at self-cleansing.

When there is congestion and inflammation in the throat, ear, nose and eyes, Nature at once starts the self-cleansing process and begin to throw out sputum and mucus. It does the healing work in a very thorough manner.

According to the teachings of Nature cure, acute diseased conditions are forcible

body-cleansing processes which are beneficial and necessary. They are Nature’s healing efforts. All acute reactions signify increased activity of the vital force, resulting in fever, inflammation, itching, pain, redness, swelling and skin eruptions. Crises, acute reactions or acute diseases are Nature’s endeavour to establish health. This is another expression of the fundamental law of action and reaction. Nature cure easily transforms the inflammatory processes and helps them within safe limits through simple, natural methods of treatment. It never checks or suppresses by means of poisonous drugs.

By administering drugs injudiciously, the self-cleansing and healing effort of Nature is suppressed and hindered and the real trouble or cause of the disease is not removed. Some relief may be obtained by pain- relieving drugs and sedatives, but the thief still remains within and always reappears after some time with redoubled force. Nature cure is not superficial. It is perfectly thorough. Nature’s healing begins in the minute living cells. When the body is wounded, Nature starts the healing process at once. New cells are formed to replace the once destroyed.

All methods of Nature cure are directed towards the purification and regeneration of the system or bodily mechanism. When this is done, the healing power asserts itself and restores normal functions. The individual attains perfect health, happiness, strength and vitality. When the obstruction in a gutter is removed, the water flows freely. Similarly, when the poisons and toxins in body are eliminated, health and vitality flow freely.

Nature Cure methods

Fasting cleanses the system and removes all the waste matter and impurities which have accumulated through many years of wrong eating and wrong living. It is the most potent method of Nature cure. It is a strong and effective weapon to slay all diseases. It conserves energy. The energy that was previously directed towards digestion is now utilized for elimination, repairing and healing. This is the law of vital economy. Through correct dieting, the further accumulation of waste matter and toxins in the system is prevented. The blood is kept pure and all the internal organs function properly.

Cold baths tone cleanse the system, invigorate the nerves and brain and remove poisonous material from the body. Wet-packs reduce the temperature in fevers and remove inflammation and pain.

The sun is the source of life and energy and has tremendous healing power. It is the best disinfectant in the world to kill germs and parasites. It tones the skin and nerves and fills the whole system with energy and power. It supplies vitamin D. Physical exercise builds the body and helps to process of healing and the healthy functioning of all the internal organs. It helps digestion and improves the blood qualitatively and quantitatively. If you do not exercise, all the muscles and organs will degenerate. Do asanas and surya namaskara and other exercise regularly. Do not overexert. There should be exhilaration of sprit, not fatigue, after the exercises. It tones and purifies the whole system and removes oscillation. It fills the body with new abundant energy. Practise bhastrika, sheetali, ujjayi and such purvak.

Rest is very necessary to conserve energy. All the organs are rendered fit to discharge their functions properly after rest. The muscles need rest after work. Rest is Nature’s recuperative agent. So have sufficient rest.

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