Common Name: Sacred Fig Tree

Botanical Name: Ficus religiosa

Active Agents: Tannic acid, aspartic acid, flavonoids, steroids, vitamins, methionine, glycine, etc.

Uses of Peepal

Fever and Colds: In case of high fever accompanied by congestion, take five peepal leaves and boil in milk. Add a little rock candy and drink twice a day.

Eye Pain and Eye Infection: If experiencing pain in the eye and or a recurrent infection, the milk from a peepal leaf can be applied.

Dental Health: Fresh twigs or new roots can be used as a toothbrush for their antibacterial properties as well as to remove stains.

Jaundice: Juice some tender peepal leaves and mix with rock candy. Drink twice or thrice a day.

Constipation: Mix powdered peepal leaves with an equal amount of anise seed powder and jaggery in milk. Drink at bedtime.

Diabetes: Mix peepal fruit powder with haritaki fruit powder to lower blood sugar.

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