Common Name: Pohkarmool, Kashmira, Poushkara, Elecampane, Rasna, Padmapatra

Botanical Name: Inula Racemosa

Active Agents: lantalactone, Isoalantalactone, Inunolide (germacranolide), Dihydro isoalanlactone, Beta-sitosterol, D- Mannitd, Dihydroinundide, Neo-alantolactone, Inunolise, Sesqiterpene, Lactone (inunol), Alantadiene, Octadecanoic acid

Uses of Pushkaramoola

Dental Problems and Hoarseness of Voice: The root powder can be used as tooth powder to keep teeth in good health. Chewing the roots of Pushkarmool can soothe the throat.

Heart and Lung Diseases: Take Pushkarmoola powder with milk and honey for sound cardiac and respiratory health.

Digestion and Obesity: The herb can unblock blocked channels to boost digestion. Due to the digestion being better if undigested foods, fluids and fats in the body can be processed it could also result in weight loss.

Male Sexual Health: 1-3 gms of pushkarmoola powder taken with milk can promote sexual power in males. It is also helpful for painful and scanty menstruation in women.

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