Recharge Yourself with Meditation

Maybe no one is free of problems, but the least we can do is to ensure that we don’t fret and worry about them. The pressures of life are so great that they affect us physically and mentally.

The solution is not to let out anger by fighting back or running away. Those reactions can create still more problems for us in our relationships. We need to find some acceptable way to defuse tensions.

Meditation is one way to counter stress as it is a process by which we could experience higher, spiritual realms. The meditation process aids us at two levels. First, it helps us by bringing about physical relaxation. Second it puts us in a state where we are absorbed in an enjoyable, blissful experience, and become oblivious to the problems of the outer world. I meditation, we select a pose in which we can remain calm and quite. By focusing our attention on a point between and behind the two eyebrows, we can withdraw our attention from the outer body. The body then becomes as relaxed as it is in sleep and the mind is free to go in search of realms within.

We might still have problems, but with meditation, their effect on us is subdued. Through meditation, we can become detached from the suffering of life because we are connected with a sheet anchor or lifeline. We become permanently connected to the divine bliss within. With this inner support, we can then face our problems with a clear mind and find solutions. We are able to make more rational decisions because we see life from a higher angle of vision. We feel less stressed as we remain calm. This in turn relaxes the body. Thus, our chances of stress related illness decrease.

Learning to meditate on the light and sound within is like having a special retreat, a special place, where we can find relief from the problems of life. We can meditate any time of day. We can begin our day with meditation when we wake up to put us in a state calm for the rest of the day. When we commute to work, we can meditate on the way.

At work, we can meditate during our break or lunch our to get recharged. If we work at home, we can make some time for meditation. If we work away from home, then when we return after a hard day’s work, we can wipe away the tensions of the day by spending time in meditation. Many like to meditate at night before going to sleep because it is calm, quiet time with less distraction and disturbances. Through meditation we can overcome life’s stresses and strains and discover the key to relaxation and tranquility.


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