Red Sandalwood

Common Name: Raktachandana, Lalchandan, Ragat chandan

Botanical Name: Pterocarpus santalinus

Active Agents: Pterocarpol, santalin A, B pterocarptriol, pterocarpodiolone, lupenediol, pterostilbene, homopterocarpin

Uses of Red Sandalwood

Acne: Mix multani mitti, red sandalwood, tulsi, turmeric and neem in buttermilk or milk. Apply this face mask for clear, glowing skin.

Eczema: Mix equal quantities of manjishtha, red sandalwood, kuth (snow lotus) and turmeric. Make a paste with water and apply on the affected region.

Hyperpigmentation: Make a paste with a few drops of almond oil in fresh coconut milk and add red sandalwood powder. This is a great face mask for pigmentation.

Burns: Mix equal amounts of manjishtha, red sandalwood powder and add ghee to make a paste. Apply on affected regions.

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