Common Name: Sepentina root, Black Snakeroot, Rauwolfia Root, Serpentine Root, Chandrika

Botanical Name: Rauwolfia serpentina

Active Agents: Ajmaline, ajmalicine, indobine, indobinine, ajmalimine, serpentine, serpentinine deserpidine, reserpine, reserpiline, rescinnamine, rescinnamidine and yohimbine

Uses of Sarpagandha

Insomnia: Sarpagandha is an excellent sedative if taken in doses of 0.25 grams.

High Blood Pressure: Half a teaspoon can be taken thrice daily can effectively relieve hypertension.

Hysteria and Insanity: In certain parts of North India, sarpagandha is known as pagal-ki-dawa (medicine for the mentally ill). Drink one gram with milk thrice daily.

Urticaria: Take one gram of the root powder to treat urticaria or hives.

Ayurvedic Supplements

Sarpagandhaghan Bati

Sarpagandha Tablet

Sarpagandha Powder