Sciatica refers to pain in back, which gradually travels along the affected lower limbs, the cause is due to compression of Sciatic nerve near the lumbar region of the spine. The disease is known as “Griddhasi” in Ayurveda.It occurs most frequently in people between 30 to 50 years of age.


  • Pain & throbbing sensation in the rear of leg

  • Pain worsens during sitting or moving the affected limb.

  • Weakness, numbness or difficulty moving the leg or foot

Treatment(Non Medicinal)

  • Yoga

  • Hip flexion & extension exercises

  • Local hot formentation

  • Using Lumbo-sacral betts

Healing Options


Ayurvedic Supplements

              Kaishore Guggul     
              Rhuma oil          
              Rhuma Gel             


  • Avoid curd & all sour items, pulses (except
    moong dal), rice, meat, fish, white bread, sugar, refined cereals, fried foods, tea or coffee.

  • Have potato & lemon juice

  • Celery seeds, bitter gourd are highly beneficial.


  • Avoid lifting heavy weights

  • Avoid sleeping on spongy mattresses

  • Avoid squatting for a long time

  • Dietary modifications to ensure proper bowel evacuation, eg. High fiber intake

  • Limit yourself to restricted exercise