The Bridge (Sethu Band Asana)



Enjoy the stretch for the chest, neck, spine, and hips as it strengthens back muscles, spinal muscles, buttocks, and hamstrings.
This pose helps calm the brain and central nervous system, a stress relief and good as an antidote to depression.
Your abdominal organs are stimulated and digestion enhanced.
*Lungs and thyroid
Women with menopausal symptoms may find relief.
The backbend lessens your aches in the back and head. Back muscles lengthen and strengthen and it is preventative for back pain in some cases.
Doing the pose prior to bedtime can help you sleep at night if there is insommnia.
Like many poses, it increases your blood circulation.
Do the pose supported on a Setu Bandha bench when menstruating, and it is restorative.
It may be therapeutic for asthma, hypertension, osteoporosis, and clogges sinuses.
Your 4th and 5th chakras open and move energy better after doing this posture.
Legs get a workout in the calves, quads, and hamstrings.
Your lungs, and lung capacity are increased.
Stiffness in the back, shoulders and ankles are alleviated.
The pose may give relief of abdominal cramps.
Women can do this pose as therapy for a prolapsed uterus, and it regulates menstrual flow.

Description of the asana

  1. Come up in to the Shoulder stand, supporting your wrist with your hands. Bend one leg and lower the foot toward the floor.
  2. Repeat with the other leg. Keep your elbows close together.
  3. Walk your legs out until your knees are straight and your feet flat on the floor.
  4. Hold the pose for at least three or four deep breaths, then walk your feet back in toward the body.


Do not attempt this exercise if you have pain in the upper part of the back or in the neck or the throat.