Sinusitis refers to an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the Para nasal sinuses. It is often a result of a common cold, influenza and other general infections. Germs sometimes find their way into these sinuses on either side of the nasal passage leading to health problems. In Ayurveda it means that kapha is vitiated in most of the cases.


Recurrent common cold is the first stage of these disease followed by below symptoms.

  • Excessive or constant sneezing
  • Running Nose.
  • Blockage of Nostrils.
  • Headache usually felt in forehead and just below the eyes.
  • Low-grade fever.
  • Lack of appetite.
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • Heaviness in the Head

Root Causes

  •  Increase of kapha in the body
  • Infection caused after catching cold, allergy due to dust , pollen damp and cold weather.

Healing Options

Ayurvedic Supplements
             Sadbindu Taila 

             Godanti Bhasma 

             Kapha Tea 

  • Take low calorie, raw fruit and vegetable diet with plenty of fruit juice.
  • Patient may take well balanced food mainly seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables and fruits.
  • Patients should avoid fried and starchy foods, white sugar, white flour, rice macaroni products, pies, and cakes candies.
  • Patients should avoid perfumes and strongly scented hair/body oil. Avoid to get exposed to cold and damp weather.
  • Fish (Matsya Asana) 
  • Plough (Hala Asana)
  • Bow (Dhaur Asana)