Skin Care

Skin and nails provide a look at the inner health of the body. These outward “signs” can tell you a lot about the condition of your inward health.

Often we may have problems with our skin such as dull skin, skin likely to break out in blotches or skin that dehydrates easily. All of these problems and many more indicate the lack of proper nutrition.
Poor diet, drugs, alcohol, excessive sun exposure, environmental toxins and tobacco smoke increase free radical damage and decrease enzyme activity. Both free radical damage and the reduction in enzyme activity can hasten the appearance of the following problems; wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin and ultimately can also to skin cancer.
Free radicals oxidize cells, making normal cell metabolism impossible. Enzymes can help prevent or treat skin damage by fighting these free radicals and reducing stress on bodily systems.
The skin reflects our overall health and acts as a barrier against the outside world, is the largest organ and is composed primarily of collagen. Collagen fibers form an elastin network that makes up connective tissues. The skins elasticity, strength and smoothness come from the makeup of the collagen fibers.
Skin Functions
  • protects internal organs and tissues from injury

  • preserves valuable moisture and helps maintain normal body temperature

  • protects the body from toxins, viruses and bacteria

The Skin’s Vitality Can be Measured

To measure the amount of free radical damage you must perform the skin elasticity test. Grasp the skin on the back of the hand between the thumb and index finger. Raise the skin and release it. The skin fold should immediately flatten. If a ridge remains, the skin is aging and damaged by connective tissues and muscles binding together. Enzymes battle both by improving blood supply and then the nutrient supply by the skin’s dermal layer.

Healing Options


Ayurvedic Supplements


Neem Guard Capsules
Surakta Syrup
Raktashodhak Bati
Aloe Vera Face Wash
Neem Guard Soap


  • Take extra amount of water.

  • Bitter substance should be taken regularly.

  • Avoid extra amount of proteins and fat.

  • Avoid difficult to digest food.

  • Avoid that types of food which irrited your skin.


  • Clean body properly.

  • Need to do exercise regularly.

  • Avoid excess sun ray.

  • Avoid more amount of chemical based creams.

  • Keep your room pollution free.