One of the most horrible venereal diseases, syphilis, is a contagious disease with a slow development.

Causes & Symptoms

It begins as a sore at the site of the infection, and in its tertiary stage, shows changes resembling those caused by leprosy and tuberculosis. In most cases, it is acquired through sexual intercourse with a person suffering from it. The two main types of syphilis are : Acquired and Inherited.


It is caused by sexual intercourse with a person suffering from it, and sometimes, by contact with the sores or even the use of articles used by the patient such as utensils and clothes. This form of diseases even divided into three parts A) Primary B) Secondary C) Tertiary
Sometimes these stages merge into one another and the disease proceeds as one long sequence of the various symptoms which appear as its severity increases. Sometimes symptoms which appear is so severe that ulcers appear all over the body.

Inherited :

It may affect the child before its birth. As a rule, this may lead to a miscarriage or a dead birth. If the child is born alive, he may stat showing secondary symptoms after a few weeks. He may be deformed or become deaf. If the symptoms are suppressed for a few years, the child may develop a sunken nose, broad at the bridge and may suffer from inflammation of the cornea or the iris.

The eruption of syphilis may appear as painful boils on the prepuce of males or labia majora of the vagina among females. The eruptions turn into hard nodules called chanvre and then subside, giving rise to other symptoms.

Healing Options

Ayurvedic Supplements
                 Ameer Ras      

              Kaishore guggulu

Diet/ Lifestyle
  • The patients suffering from this diseases should be advised to take a salt-free diet as it helps in fast