Common Name: Indian Jalap, False Jalap, Terpeth Root, Nisoth, Turpeth, Kumbha, Kala, Shyama, Triputa

Botanical Name: Ipomoea turpethum / Operculina turpethum

Active Agents: A and B-Turpethins, Scopoletin, Turpethinic acids A, Turpethin, Scopoletin, coumarin

Uses of Trivrit

Hemorrhoids: Trivrit powder should be mixed with triphala churna and taken in doses of 1-3 gms.

Indigestion: Mix together 50 gm nisoth powder, 10 gm pepper and 25 gm rock sugar (mishri). Take a teaspoon of this powder with some honey to make a relieve indigestion.

Strong Purgative: This root is very effective in cases of habitual constipation, colic and piles. It purges Pitta and Kapha. A maximum of 10-12 gm of the herb is taken with fermented rice water or milk in the morning on an empty stomach. This should only be done under a physician’s guidance.

High Cholesterol and Obesity: Turpeth root used with guggulu, ginger and turmeric are extremely effective for high cholesterol and obesity.

Skin Disorders: It is combined with manjishtha, kutki, punarnava and neem for inflammatory skin conditions that occur due to watery accumulations from blood and fat.

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