Common Name: Holy Basil

Botanical Name: Ocimum sanctum

Active Agents: Eugenol, carvacol, linalool, caryophylline, and methyleugenol as well as triterpenes such as ursolic acid and flavonoids

Uses of Tulsi

Fever: Fight fevers by consuming tulsi leaves boiled in water or milk.

Kidney Stones: Tulsi can help to reduce uric acid level and expel kidney stones. Drink the juice of tulsi leaves mixed with honey.

Oily Skin: Mix basil (stem/leaves) juice, lime juice and honey to work wonders on oily skin.

Respiratory Problems: Tulsi with honey and ginger is an effective remedy against bronchitis, asthma, influenza and cold.

Blood Cholesterol Levels: Tulsi contains Vitamin C and other antioxidants which protect the heart from harmful effects of free radicals. It can also reduce blood pressure.

Stress: Tulsi is known to reduce stress. It is a wonderfully natural way to quit stress-related habits like smoking.

Ayurvedic Supplements

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