Common Name: Sweet flag, Sweet root, Bach, Bhuta nashini

Botanical Name: Acorus calamus L.

Active Agents: Acolamone, Acorenone, Acoragermacrone, Acoramone, Acorone, Cis- & trans- asarone, B-& ofasarone, Azulena, Cadalene, Calamenone, Calamenene, Calamenol, Calamone, calamenone, Calamenenene, calarene, B-gurjune, Camphene, Eugenol, Telekin, Preisocalamendiol, Acoric acid, Calamen, Diol, Calamenone, etc.

Uses of Vacha

Sleep Disorders like Insomnia: Boil 1 lb. of dried root in 20 cups of water. Steep for 10 minutes. Take a bath with this water to ensure good sleep.

Stress and Memory Tonic: Take 2 pinches of calamus root powder with honey to calm nerves and improve memory.

Syphilis: Mix calamus root powder, ashwagandha powder and costus powder in equal quantities. Make a paste with ghee and apply on the affected areas.

Indigestion: Make a decoction of the root powder and drink thrice a day.

Anorexia: Add half a pinch of calamus root powder to a cup of warm water.

Aphrodisiac: Prepare a tea with sweet flag root and drink to increase your sexual power.

Whopping Cough: The powder of the roasted herb is an effective home remedy for children suffering from whopping cough. A pinch of this powder can be given with honey.

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