Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science energy flow throughout the house/office/factory that allows inflow of fresh air and natural light that promotes health, wealth, peace and happiness.

The most ancient science of architecture that goes back to the Vedic ages, it is composed of specific rules and regulations, set down by sages of those times, that an architect / builder / owner was expected to religiously follow to avoid coming under negative or evil influences. Today, it is looked upon as a highly evolved, comprehensive building philosophy in which directions and shapes are the most vital aspects of designing.

Right from the selection of site to correct slope of land down to the shape of the building, this oldest form of architecture covers nearly every aspect of construction. Not only for houses but temples, palaces, forts, offices…just about every possible form of construction. Often providing relief if not cures to physical or emotional problems simply by relocating an entrance, window or room.

Some of the important points made therein are :

Directional Alignment

  • The directional axis of the plot should be properly aligned with the axis of the earth’s magnetic field.

  • Boundaries AC & BD should be parallel to a north-south axis. While boundaries AB & CD should be in an East-West alignment.

  • For otherwise, such land will remain averse to overall growth, peace & happiness of those that shall inhabit it.

The geometrical axis of the plot should be properly aligned with the axis of the earth’s magnetic field. i.e. one set of boundaries should be parallel to the north south axis and the other to the east -west axis as shown in the figure (a) and (b).

Figure (a) shows directional alignment Figure

                      (b) shows a non directionally aligned plot.

Shape Of The Site

  • Symmetrical shapes like square or rectangular, circular & hexagonal promote overall growth, increases mental capabilities and generates prosperity.

  • Asymmetrical shapes like oval, triangular, parallelogram, star & trident are deemed inauspicious.





Overall Growth



Slope Of The Land Surface

  • The surface should be elevated towards the southern and western sides and should be lower in northern and eastern sides for overall growth and prosperity.

The Land should be elevated towards south and west sides and it should be lower in NORTH and EAST sides for over all growth and happiness.

If the land is–


It can have adverse effects.

Impact of Gates At Various Locations

  • Eastern Side : The third and fourth gate promote prosperity.

  • Southern Side : The twelfth gate enhances growth.

  • Western Side : The twentieth and twenty-first gates stimulate financial growth.

  • Northern Side : The twenty-seventh, twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth gates promote happiness, financial growth and overall gain respectively.

Of all the positions of the gates depicted in the figure, the positions that are favourable are in the


3. Prosperity
4. Govt Favour


11. Meanness
12. Prosperity, Human Growth


20. Financial and Human Growth
21. Financial and Human Growth


27. Happiness
28. Financial and human Growth
29. All types of Gains

All the other placements of the gates ( marked Cross ) prove to be unfavourable.

Brahmasthan (Central Zone of the Building)

  •  Should be free from any obstruction in the form of a wall, pillar and beam.

  •  There should not be any fixture, toilet, lift or staircase etc. in this area as shown in the Figures (a) and (b)

For Figure (a) Jurisdiction of brahmsthan in a square building as shown by the central square ABCD

For Figure (b) Jurisdiction of brahmsthan in a rectangular building is shown by a central “STAR”

The Staircase

  •  Should be in the western or northern side of the building.

  •  Turnings should be in the clockwise direction.

  •  On reaching the upper floor, the facing should be towards south or east.

Inner Planning of a House

  •  The oven should ideally be in the south-east zone.

  •  Toilets should not be in the north-eastern, central and south-western zones.

  •  The most south-western location is the ideal position for your master bedroom.

  •  Position the boy’s room in the northern or eastern side while the girl’s and guest room are to be in the
    north-western parts.

  •  Place the beds in southerly or easterly direction.

The provisions shown in the side diagram are as per the living style in the ancient times. However considering the requirements of the modern days it can be rearranged based on the following guide lines


Kitchen fire should be in the South -East and should never be at the North-East, Centre and the south west zones.


Toilets should not be provided at the North-East, Center and the South-West zones


Master bedroom should be in or nearest to the South-west Zones


Boys’ Rooms should be in the North and/or East Zones


Girls and Guest rooms should be in the North – West zones.


Head Seat of the Bed should be in the South or the East Direction


Facing of the W/C should be towards the north or West Direction

Inner Planning of an Office

  •  The shape of the cabin should be a regular square or a perfect rectangle.

  •  The opening for the door should be free from any obstacle.

  •  Doors should open inwards while entering a cabin.

  •  The master chamber should either be in the south-west or nearest to south- west direction.

  •  Chambers of directors / managers / senior staff should be in the southern & western zones. While that of the
    junior staff should be in the north-west, north, north-east, east and south-east.

  •  Pantry and toilets must be in north-eastern, central & south-western sections.

While making the interior of an office the following guidelines have to kept in mind.


The shape of the cabin should be regular ie square, or Perfect rectangle etc.


There should not be any obstacle ( Dvar-Vedh) in front of the door opening


The door leaves should pushed inside while entering into the cabin.


The master chamber should be in the south west or nearest to the south west zone.


The directors/managers/senior staff should be in the south & west zones.


The junior staff and other activities should be in the North-West, North, North-East, East and South East Zones.


The facing of the Directors/Managers/Officers should be towards East or North.


Pantry and Toilets should not be in North-East, Center & South-west Zones

Internal Planning of any Industrial Building

  • Heavy plant and machinery should be installed in the south-western, southern & western parts.

  • Light weight and auxillary machines should be in the northern & eastern zones.

  • Install boiler, AC panels, generator, heater, dryer, oven, furnace etc. in the north-west & east

  • Toilets should be placed in the north-east, centre or south-west.

  • Make sure not to place spare parts stores in the north-west, centre & south-east.

  • Rest rooms for labour should be in the northern & eastern zones.


heavy plant machinery should be installed in the South-West, South and West Zones


Light Weight and Auxillary machines should be installed in North and East Zones


Boiler/AC Panels/ Generetor/Heater/Dyer/Oven/Furnace etc are Best in the South East but can also be installed in the North-West and East Zones.


Toilets or Fire/Power installations should not be provided in the North-East, Center and South-West zones.