Ways to Restore Positive Energy

Positive energy is vital in today’s fast-paced world. Self healing is the process to restore energy balance inside the body using some simple techniques.

Positive energy is something we can never get enough of, especially in today’s fast paced world that’s full of stress and deadlines. Self-healing is a simple energy healing technique that you can do by yourself for a few minutes. Not only will it bring your energies back it balance,  self healing helps recentre and ground you. Especially on days when you feel overwhelmed by multiple demands on your time, or when you feel drained by people and places.

Here are a few time-tested tips, which may help boost your supply of positive energy:

  • Feel the earth beneath your feet for a few seconds. Establish a connection between your soles and the ground and visualize roots going downwards. If you can walk barefoot in the garden or the park, it would be even better. A quick grounding aid, it helps retain the balance especially on demanding days.
  • Take 10 Deep Breaths. Make them as slow and deep as you can. Not only does more oxygen reach your brain, you find your blood pressure dropping and a sense of calm enveloping you. Do it as often as you like, anywhere and anytime. Every time you exhale, feel your body relaxing further.
  • Rub your palms together and feel the vibrations. Gently place them over your closed eyes. Allow the warm energy of your palms to go within you for a few seconds to restore a sense of inner calm and harmony.
  • Affirmations work very well to raise our energy and to promote feelings of self-confidence and joy. Powerful statements that instill positive thoughts internally, replacing negative thinking effortlessly and easily if practiced daily.
  • Add a few tablespoons of sea salt or even common salt to your bath water. Not only will it cleanse you thoroughly of negative energy, it will relax your muscles.
  • Wear white or pastel coloured clothes. These colours resonate at a higher frequency and can actually raise your vibrations and bring in feelings of harmony.
  • Finally and most importantly, consciously maintain a positive attitude. Refuse to allow negative thoughts to cloud you.

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