Yoga for men

Men are known to engage in more strenuous activities in life. They like to play sports, they lift weights to keep a good figure, and their jobs are usually more physically demanding like carpentry and construction work. Add the pressure they have to go through for being the head of the family and being a part of the so-called stronger sex, men definitely make good candidates for practicing Yoga.

Like a general rule, men are supposed to be strong – physically and mentally. They are expected to handle the harder tasks in life because it is known that men are more tolerant of pain. However, it is important for each and every man to know that this stereotype of the stronger sex may soon make them feel more isolated from women if they believed in it too much. Through Yoga, particularly Meditation, men can look deeper into themselves, listen to their inner voice, and develop a more positive view on life, thus, enhancing their relations with other people.

Since men are more into sports and other physical activities, practicing Asanas will help offset any physical irregularities that they may acquire from such tasks. Like in sports such as golf or tennis, there is a tendency that some muscles are used more than their respective symmetrical counterparts (i.e. right and left arms, legs, etc.) Asanas help by loosening tightness in the muscles, bringing the body back into its natural alignment.

While Weight Training isn’t bad, combining it with Yoga can produce even better results. Asanas will allow for more flexibility and will relax the muscles. Pranayama keeps the health vibrant and can also improve response from the nervous system. Meditation will help keep one’s focus and concentration and will clear one’s mind, reducing the stress resulting from the repetitive actions of weight lifting.

The overall practice of Yoga can help combat age-related diseases like impotence, prostate conditions, Osteoporosis, and heart problems. That, plus reasons mentioned above, is why the practice of Yoga is highly recommended to all men.