Principles of Yoga

Patanjali’s Eight Principles of Yoga

  • Abstinence (yama)
  • Observance (niyama)
  • Posture (asana)
  • Regulation of breath (pranayama)
  • Withdrawal of Senses (pratyahara)
  • Concentration (dharana)
  • Meditation (dhyana)
  • Super Consciousness (samadhi)

Swami Sivananda’s Modified Five Principles of Yoga

1. Proper relaxation

  • Releases tension in the muscles
  • Helps letting go of all worries
  • Ensures conservation of energy

2. Proper exercise

  • Yoga postures – to be performed as per body constitution.
  • Yogic consultation is a must.
  • Correct postures work systematically on all parts of the body. Stretching and toning the muscles & ligaments. Keeping the spine and joints flexible. Improving the blood circulation.

3. Proper breathing (pranayama)

  • Brings an extraordinary balance in the consciousness
  • Teaches you to control your mental state by regulating the flow of the life force.

4. Proper diet

  • Chart out a well-nourished balanced diet.
  • Keeps the body light and supple and the mind calm.
  • Resists ailments.

5. Positive Thinking & Meditation

  • Removes negative thoughts. Stills the mind.
  • You attain super-consciousness. A state beyond time, space and causation.

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