If you have a kapha constitution it means that kapha dominates the dosha balance in your body. Kapha comprises of the elements of earth and water, and it affects stability and structures of the body. Balancing your dosha levels to keep them within the normal range of your constitution helps to maximize your potential and preserve your health. Significant increases or decreases in levels of any dosha can throw off this balance, giving rise to disease. This makes it important to understand your constitution and the strategies needed to support your unique doshic makeup.

Physical Traits:

Kapha type individuals would typically be characterized as endomorphs as they tend to be of a stocky build and are generally heavy set. As a kapha type individual, you are also more likely to gain weight easily and would have a tough time losing it. Kapha facial features are dominated by beautiful large eyes that have a clear white sclera. The eyebrows tend to be thick and bushy to the extent that they form a unibrow in some.

Kapha type individuals tend to be heavy set

Your skin tone and complexion is likely to be on the lighter side and should be smooth and clear. While your skin does tan easily, it is also more vulnerable to sunburn and sun damage. The cold and sticky or binding characteristics of kapha are also reflected in a slightly oily skin and lower body temperature. One of the greatest perks of having kapha as your dominant dosha is that your hair is thick and lustrous. It can be tough to manage, but you probably won’t have to worry about thinning and hair loss!

Psychological Traits:

The binding nature of kapha influences your disposition, which is why you are likely to have higher levels of empathy, feeling a general sense of compassion and a need to help others. Kapha type individuals have a natural warmth and strong nurturing instinct. Learning new tasks and concepts may be a bit of a challenge, but your power of retention is strong and once you learn something you are unlikely to forget it. When your doshas are out of balance however, there is a significant risk of depression and emotional dependence.

Health Risks:

Aggravation of kapha is mainly associated with a buildup of mucus in the body. This makes kapha type individuals prone to respiratory diseases in which there is excess phlegm and heaviness. Taking adequate precautions and balancing your dosha levels will help to minimize this risk. A kapha type constitution also puts you at risk of health conditions with water retention like edema. There is also a tendency to gain weight as fat cells are also retained more easily.

Kapha Type Celebs:

Oprah Winfrey and Tom Hanks


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Knowing your dosha type makes it easier to manage imbalances when they do arise. Find out how lifestyle choices affect dosha levels and take steps to balance kapha dosha.


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