If you have a pitta constitution it means that pitta dominates the dosha balance in your body. Pitta comprises of the elements of fire and water, and it influences various metabolic processes in the body. This means that it has a direct impact on digestion, the breakdown and absorption of nutrients, and on the processing of thoughts and acting on them. Balancing your dosha levels to keep them within the normal range of your constitution helps to maximize your potential and preserve your health. Significant increases or decreases in levels of any dosha can throw off this balance, giving rise to disease. This makes it important to understand your constitution and the strategies needed to support your unique doshic makeup.

Physical Traits:

Pitta type individuals would typically be characterized as mesomorphs as they tend to be of a medium build with athletic and well-proportioned bodies. This also holds true with regard to height. As a pitta type individual, your height would be close to average.

Pitta type individuals tend to be of a medium build with athletic bodies

Pitta qualities obviously dominate your being and your body temperature will generally be warmer than most people. Your skin tone and complexion will have a rosy or reddish hue. Although your hair is likely to be thin, it would be naturally straight and lustrous. Unfortunately, pitta type individuals are more susceptible to early graying and balding, so keep a lookout for those warning signs! The perk of being a pitta type is that you will usually have healthy digestion because of the strength of your digestive fire or agni.

Psychological Traits:

The fiery nature of pitta also dominates your personality and psyche, giving you a vibrant and intellectual mind that is for the most part very focused. This is precisely why pitta type individuals are so goal oriented and enjoy a competitive edge. Failing to balance pitta levels, however, can increase the risk of aggression and angry outbursts.

Health Risks:

Aggravation of the dominant dosha can give rise to certain health conditions, but these can be easily safeguarded against by simply keeping pitta levels in balance. The main risk for you is of inflammatory conditions, particularly those that affect the gastrointestinal system. This is because pitta types have a naturally strong digestive fire, but when pitta is excessive it can over-stimulate the system leading to excess acid production. This puts you at risk not just of acidity and heartburn, but also of peptic ulcers and chronic conditions like GERD. Your skin also becomes susceptible to rashes and infections, with excessive oil production clogging pores and causing acne.

Pitta Type Celebs:

Madonna and Matt Damon


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Knowing your dosha type makes it easier to manage imbalances when they do arise. Find out how lifestyle choices affect dosha levels and take steps to balance pitta dosha.


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