A vata-pitta-kapha constitution is also described as tridoshic. It is very uncommon for an individual to have all 3 doshas in more or less equal strengths and with no dominant force. This makes you quite unique and perhaps incredibly lucky. After all, vata-pitta-kapha type individuals have the strongest constitutions and the best health of all. Balancing your dosha levels to keep them within the normal range of your constitution helps to maximize your potential and preserve your health. Significant increases or decreases in levels of any dosha can throw off this balance, giving rise to disease. This makes it important to understand your constitution and the strategies needed to support your unique doshic makeup.

Physical Traits:

Tridoshic individuals will almost always fit neatly into the mesomorph body type as they are well-proportioned, with the ideal physique and bodyweight. Your height and frame would be within the average range for individuals of your ethnicity, but you have a lot going for you. With the perfect balance of all 3 doshas you should enjoy healthy metabolic function, which means that you are unlikely to have trouble gaining muscle mass or shedding pounds. Your facial features are likely to be sharp and angular with a high level of symmetry.

Tridoshic individuals will tend to have well-proportioned body type, with the ideal physique and bodyweight.

Your skin complexion is likely to be clear and healthy, with just the right amount of sebaceous oil to be moisturized, not oily. Your hair is relatively thick and should be easy to care for, as you won’t have an oily or dry scalp. With all 3 doshas being equally strong, you have the optimal body temperature and won’t have much trouble adapting to most environments.

Psychological Traits:

The most striking aspect of your personality or mindset is the balanced outlook and stable emotions. Despite your intelligence and creativity, you are thoughtful and compassionate. Although you can be firm and focused, you are also open to compromise and can be very flexible. The tridoshic personality is also perfectly suited to deep introspection and self-analysis, which is why such individuals excel at yogic meditation. Unfortunately, your zeal for learning can also become overpowering, causing you to feel inadequate or frustrated with the things that you do not know. Failing to keep those dosha levels in balance can also put you at risk of stress disorders.

Health Risks:

Tridoshic individuals are blessed with good health because of their perfect, albeit uncommon balance of doshas. This could be your undoing however, as there is a tendency to be complacent and take good health for granted. Unhealthy food choices and the lack of physical activity can throw your doshas out of balance, making you vulnerable to weight gain and metabolic syndrome disorders like obesity and diabetes.

Tridoshic Type Celebs:

Gal Gadot and Tom Cruise


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Knowing your dosha type makes it easier to manage imbalances when they do arise. Find out how lifestyle choices affect dosha levels and take steps to balance vata-pitta-kapha doshas.


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